Meet Our CEO


CEO & Founder 

Hello Beautiful People! My name is Ryneese. I am a MSW, Mental Health Therapist and CEO and Founder of Aroma Natural Essentials. I focus on the importance of self-care and it's direct benefit to mental health. Throughout my career, I have been privileged to help many people over come their mental health barriers through talk therapy. Now, I am committed to help millions of women indulge in self-care to support their mental health through my body care and skincare products infused with top tier ingredients: natural oils, organic butters, and essential oils. 

I also encourage women to tap into a deeper part of themselves that explores their needs, which may be something that they've neglected for so long due to day-to-day life. This part of self-care will help women regain their power and experience self-love on a deeper level.

Take this journey with me as I shed light on how women's empowerment and stable mental health can lead to women becoming better wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, and community members when they indulge in self-care first!